Phatthalung, Thailand


Phatthalung is an ancient city in southern Thailand. It is a land of mountains. In town is Khao Ok Thalu, which is clearly visible from afar. Phatthalung is regarded as the birthplace of the shadow play and the Nora dance. From ancient times to the present, Phatthalung has been closely linked to Songkhla Province, particularly in terms of geography, history and migratory settlements through many ages.

During the Sri Vijaya period (13th-14th Buddhist century), the Phatthalung community received Indian cultural influence in the way of Mahayana Buddhism. In the reign of King Ramathibodi I (U Thong) of Ayutthaya, Phatthalung became one of twelve royal cities.

Later during the reign of King  Rama I in the Rattanakosin period, the king had the Ministry of Defense oversee Phatthalung, upgraded it to secondary city status and moved it to the mouth of Pam River. When there was an administration reform in the reign of King Rama V, Phatthalung prefecture came under Nakhon Si Thammarat prefecture until 1924, when King Rama VI relocated the city to Tambon Khuha Sawan where it has been ever since. Upon the abolition of the prefecture system in 1933, Phatthalung became a province outright.

Phatthalung city is situated on the west bank of Songkhla Lake, about 846 kilometers from Bangkok. It has an area of 3,424.473 square kilometers and is divided into 10 districts and 1 subdistrict, as follows: Muang Phatthalung, Khuan Khanun, Pak Phayun, Kongra, Tamot, Khao Chai Son, Pa Bon, Bang Kaeo, Si Banphot, Pa Phayom, and the subdistrict of Si Nakharin.





Chauat in Nakhon Si Thammarat and Ranot in Songkhla



Rattaphum and Khuan Niang in Songkhla and Khuan Kalong in Satun



Songkhla Lake, Ranot, Krasae Sin, Sathing Phra, and Singhanakhon in  Songkhla



Nakhon Si Thammarat (Banthat) mountain range, Huai Yot, Muang Trang, Na Yong, Yan Ta Khao, and Palian in Trang


Distance from Phatthalung city to nearby provinces:

Nakhon Si Thammarati




  99 kms.

134 kms.

121 kms.

  56 kms. 



Distance from Phatthalung city to its districts:

Bang Kaeo

Si Banphot

Pa Bon

Khao Chai Son

Khuan Khanun

Kong Ra

Pak Phayun

Pa Si Pa Phayom

Si Nakharin


40 kms.

35 kms.

50 kms.

28 kms.

17 kms.

40 kms.

66 kms.

38 kms.

16 kms.

39 kms.

Tham Khuha Sawan Before arriving at Phatthalung township, one can see a hill, the top of which is divided apart. On the left hand side is a cave where Buddha images are enshrined.

Khao Ok Thalu
The hollow hill about 250 metres high, regarded as the symbol of Phatthalung, is situated to the east of the railway station. One can climb up to the point where a large hole is situated.

Tham Malai
This is a cave located in the same range of Khao Ok Thalu. It houses milky white stalagmite and stalactite formations and a natural pond with clear water.

Wat Wang
This important temple of Phatthalung constructed during the reign of King Rama 3 is famous for splendid mural paintings depicting the story of Buddha's life. The temple houses some architectural buildings and more than 100 Buddha images lined around the chapel. It is located 6 kms. from town along Route No. 4047. Not far from the temple, there is an old court where governers of Phatthalung used to reside.

Hat Saensuk Lampam
A scenic beach along the coast of the Songkhla Lake is located 8 kms. from town. The shady beach lined with pleasant pine trees offers an impressive atmosphere at sunset. Comfortable bungalows by the lake are available.

Namtok Khao Khram
The waterfall at Ban Khao Kram, Tambon Ban Na, is 30 kms. from town. Drive along the Trang- Phatthalung Highway till arriving at Ban Ton Sai at km.31-32, turn left and continue for another 7 kms. The waterfall cascades from a high cliff surrounded by verdant forest.

Khao Chai Son Hot Spring
This is located at Amphoe Khao Chai Son 25 kms. from Phatthalung along Highway No. 4081. At the foot of Chai Son Hill there is a temple where the hot spring is situated. On the other side of the hill there is a cool stream flowing underneath the hill.

Wat Khian Bang Kaeo
The oldest historical site in Phatthalung was constructed during the Early Ayutthaya Period. Assumed to be the location of the old Phatthalung town, the compound contains several ruins including a chedi resembling the one at Nakhon Si Thammarat but smaller, and Buddha images of various sizes. The temple is located 7 kms, beyond Amphoe Khao Chai Son on Route No. 4018.

Namtok Tamot
Another name is Namtok Mom Chui. It is a small waterfall with a lovely basin suitable for swimming. The waterfall with a lovely basin suitable for swimming. The waterfall is located in Amphoe Tamot. Travel 33 kms. from Phatthalung along Highway No.4, turn left and go for another 4 kms. via Wat Tamot.

Namtok Phraiwan
This huge waterfall in Amphoe Kong Ra can be reached by Route No. 41222 and a left turn at Km. 31-32 for another 3 kms. The water cascades from the mountain top and can be clearly seen from a distance.

Thale Noi Waterfowl Park
A part of Songkhla Lake declared a non-hunting area is home to a hundred species of waterfowl. It is located in the area of Tambon Thale Noi,15 kms. from Amphoe Khuan Khanun or 32 kms. north of Phatthalung. A boat is available for tourists to watch water birds which are plentiful during December to April. Pink lotus blooms are widely seen in the lake every morning. Famous handicrafts woven from the bulrush are on sale in the village.

Khao Pu - Khao Ya National Park
to get there, take Highway No. 41, (Phatthalung - Khuan Khanun route), turn left onto Route No. 4164 and continue to Amphoe Si Banphot where the park office is located. The park is located in the areas of 3 provinces: Nakhon Si Thammarat, Trang and Phatthalung. The main attractions in the park include Tham Matcha Pla Won the cave near the park office which houses plenty of stalactites and stalagmites and a pond full of fish; Namtok Riang Thong the waterfall which is 3 kms. from the park.

How to get there:
By Car
From Bangkok, there are 2 ways. The first is via the Phetchakasem National Highway No. 4 to Chumphon (Phathom Phon junction) into Ranong, Phangnga, Krabi, Trang, and Phatthalung. The total distance is 1,140 kilometers. The second route is to Chumphon and then onto Highway No. 41 (Asia) to Phatthalung, a total distance of around 846 kilometers.

By Bus
Transport Co. has daily Bangkok-Phatthalung services. Please call tel. 4351199, 4351200 or (074) 612070

By Train
The southern line runs through Muang, Khuan Khanun, Khao Chai Son, Pak Phayun, Pa Bon, and Bang Kaeo. Please call tel. 2237010, 2237020 or (074) 613106.

By Air
Phatthalung does not have an airport but can be accessed via those in nearby provinces. Please call Thai Airways International (Public) Co., Ltd. to make bookings at tel. 2800060, 6282000 or in Trang at tel. (075) 218066 or 219923, in Nakhon Si Thammarat at tel. (075) 311158, 342491 or 343874, and in Hat Yai at tel. (074) 245851-2, 243711, or 233433.

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