Yasothon, Thailand

According to historical chronicles of Muang Yasothon, Phra Chao Voravongsa, and his followers in 2340 B.E. were migrating to settle down with the governor of Champasak. Along the way, they stopped at Dong Phi Singh and decided to make their home there as it was found to be an appropriate site which was later named Ban Ta Singh or Muang Ta Singh.

In 2357 B.E. King Rama II issued an edict to upgrade the settlement into a town. Muang Ta Singh, reporting direct to Bangkok. The rank of Phra Rachavongsa was given to the governor. The town was subsequently elevated into a province under a Revolutionary Order No.70 on February 6,2515.

The province was made up of the following districts, Yasothon, Kam Khuan Kaew, Maha Chaichana, Pa Tiew, Lerng Nok Tha and Kud Chum (all formerly in Ubon Ratchathani), and officially came into existence on March 1,2515 (1972).


Mukdahan,Nakhon Phanom and Roi Et
Ubon Ratchathani
Roi Et

Distances from Amphoe Muang to:

- Mukdahan
- Nakhon Phanom
- Roi Et
- Sisaket
- Ubon Ratchathani

111 kms.
215 kms.
71 kms.
159 kms.
98 kms.

- Kamkhuenkaew
- Korwang
- Kudchum
- Loengnoktha
- Mahachaichana
- Patieu
- Saimoon
- Thai Charoen

23 kms.
70 kms.
37 kms.
69 kms.
41 kms.
28 kms.
18 kms
51 kms.

Wat Maha That Located in the heart of the city, Phra That Yasothon contains the ashes of Phra Ananda, a prominent follower of the Lord Buddha. An old scripture hall built of carved wood in intricate design in the middle of a pond is where the temple's old scriptures are kept.

Chi River Beach About 1 km. from town, the beach originated from the natural retreat of water level during December and May. It stretches for about 2 kms. with local food shops running along the beach.

That Kong Khao Noi is an ancient Khmer chedi (pagoda) located at Tambon Tat Thong in Amphoe Muang. Its Buddha image made of bricks is revered by the town people. Traditionally, the image is ritually bathed in the 5th Lunar month (April) in the belief that without the ceremony there will be no rain.

Also at Tat Thong village, the Fine Arts Department had conducted an excavation project to research into pre-historic times. Skeletons of prehistoric humans were discovered as well as Ban Chiang-style coloring designs.

Ban Si Than This village is famous for silk and cotton hand-made production. Ban Si Than is 20 Kilometers from Yasothon municipality on route 202.

Replica of Holy Footprints at Ban Nong Yang, Amphoe Maha Chahachai, is another place of interest.

Reclining Buddha of Phu Tham Phra is located to the East of Ban Kut Hae of Amphoe Loeng Nok Tha, 85 kilometers from Yasothon.

Major Events:
Rocket Festival
held annually over the second weekend of May, the festival includes as a main feature the rocket procession in which entries of various sizes, varying according to the amount of saltpeter, are intricately decorated. A rocket dance accompanying the procession is joined by the townspeople of all ages and may stretch for as long as several kilometers. The rockets will be launched on the second day of the festival.

How to get there:
By Road
Take Highway No.1 (Phaholyothin) to Saraburi. Then turn right into Highway No.2 (Mitrapharb) through Nakhon Ratchasima heading toward Phimai district, and on to Song Hong and Ban Phai districts of Khon Kaen. From here, turn into Highway No.23 passing Borabue district of Mahasarakham and Thawatchai and Selaphum district of Roi Et before reaching Yasothon. The total distance is some 531 kms., traveling time is about 7 hours. There are regular services daily by non and air-conditioned buses which leave Bangkok from the Northern Bus Terminal.

From Bangkok, take Highway No. 1 to Saraburi and Highway No. 2 to Ban Phai, then take Highway No. 23 to Yasothon via Borabue and Maha Sarakham and Roi Et, for a total distance of 531 kilometres.

Bangkok-Yasothon buses depart from Mochit 2 Bus Terminal every day. Contact Transport Co.Ltd at Tel: 0 2936 2852-66 for more information.

There is no direct train running to Yasothon. Visitors can take a train to Ubon Ratchathani, then continue the trip by bus to Roi Et. Call 1690, 0 2223 7010-20 for more information.

There is no direct flight to Yasothon. Visitors can fly from Bangkok to Ubon Ratchathani and continue the trip by bus to Yasothon.

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